Conveyancing & Leases

Conveyancing and leases are a major part of life and that is why here at Coman & Associates we are determined to make the process as smooth and as simple as possible.

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is a broad term dealing with the transferring of property. This includes buying and selling residential and commercial property, retail and commercial leases, retirement village contracts, and buying and selling businesses. We also deal with more complex contracts such as auction and off the plan contracts.

Conveyancing involves many different aspects including the following:

  • legal advice on contracts;
  • drafting and reviewing contracts and leases;
  • advising on transfer duty (formerly known as stamp duty);
  • assist first home buyers with any relevant government grants;
  • advise on property tenancy both joint tenants and tenants in common;
  • preparation of Section 66W Certificates and advising on cooling off periods;
  • advising and preparing Put and Call Options;
  • liaising with financial institutions in relation to deposit bonds, loans, mortgages, and discharges of mortgages;
  • execution and exchange of contracts;
  • advice regarding easements and covenants on title searches;
  • conduct property search enquiries with government bodies such as local Council, Sydney Water, Department of Education, and Department of Transport, etc;
  • calculate adjustments to the purchase price in relation to rates and allowances;
  • attend to settlement.